The top 5 hotspots to put on your Ibiza ‘must see’ list for 2021

sofragrance Admin
09 Jul , 2020

Hold onto your cat-eye sunnies girl, damn this Ibiza sun is lush. Ibiza week is HERE, it has arrived! We know, we’re summer escape day dreaming, but just let us have this one yeah? It’s currently raining outside in the UK and we’re not here for it.

Back to the narrative - while we’re laying on the sand in Ibiza in 2021, here’s where we’re visiting first, to live out our Ibiza Dreams:

ME Radio Rooftop Bar With unrivalled 360 views of the beaches from the rooftop bar, you’ll see Ibizan dreams from every angle. ME Radio Rooftop Bar is a vibrant chillout area (definitely designed for prinking!). And, you can count on the fusion cuisine menu, to give you that bite of spice, to enjoy with a Pina Colada!  

Radio ME Ibiza Rooftop Bar
Formentera is the smallest of beaches in the Balearic Islands, and the dare we say, one of the most beautiful. It’s known for being yoga-central for it’s relaxed vibe. So grab a paddle board and enter zen-mode! It’s just a 40 minute boat trip from central Ibiza and will make the perfect instagrammable day out.


Formentera island
Hacienda Na Xamena Okay, okay we’re getting a little bit above our budgets with the 5 star hotel, but you’ve had all of 2020 to save! In any case, Hacienda is in the north of the Island and most known for its luscious views. If by chance, you did need a break from party central it would make the perfect spa day. With a vast range of treatments, it’s the ultimate self-care indulgence we think you deserve!


Hacienda Na Xamena
Hold up, we lost ourselves for a moment there in between all the zen. It wouldn’t be a true list of Ibiza recommendations without a rave now. A new residency, launched in 2019, we’d recommend the BODYWORKS. Merging three giants of the underground Ibiza raves together and promises a ‘journey you’ll get lost in and become one with the masses.’ Sounds like an Ibiza Dream to us... 


Hi Ibiza
Sunset Ashram is known for being ‘the best sunset in Ibiza’ and it doesn’t disappoint. With landscape views of oceans for miles, Sunset Ashram immediately transports you to a state of tranquility. The menu is also divine and paired with excellent service, you’ll have a night to remember! While it may be all yoga and healthy food in the day, it does peak at night and is the sweet spot for a beach-side party on the island. 
Sunset Ashram Ibiza

 So there you have it, those are the Instagram posts we’re dreaming of sharing to our social. If you’re manifesting your future hols to the Balearic Islands, keep those in mind! Oh, the outfit options we could pair with these sights. BRB, online shopping…


So…? Fragrance xoxo

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