Lockdown Lift 2021| 7 Step Guide To Prep you For A Night Out!

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21 Jul , 2021
so fragrance night out

So…? Ready To Go Out - Lockdown Lift 2021

Hey guys, do you know what today is? Yes? No? Well it is finally the lifting of lockdown, the lockdown lift, freedom day (as some people are calling it) but ultimately it all means the same, our lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

This is the day we have all been waiting for! We never thought this day would ever arrive! But at last it has, and we cannot be more excited! In honour of this special day, So..? has provided you with a step by step beauty regiment to get you all ready for this weekend! Try our nice and easy ‘So…? Ready To Go Out’ routine to help you have the best night.

1. Relax with So…? Sorry Not Sorry Bath Milk, RRP: £7.00

Why not start your week with a relaxing bath with the award winning So..? Sorry Not Sorry Soak It Up Bath Milk. Prep your skin and let it feel soft and silky with the golden chamomile and sweet almond essence.

so bath milk purple

2. Scrub away any worries with So…? Sorry Not Sorry Body Scrub, RRP: £8.00

Speaking off prepping your skin, why not take it to the next level with the So..? Sorry Not Sorry Ready Steady Scrub Body buffer. Scrub away the last year and a half with ylang ylang extracts and sweet almonds.

so body scrub

3. So…? Sorry Not Sorry Tame The Mane Hair Mask, RRP: £7.00

Okay girls lets talk hair care! Our hair has not had the same care this past year and a half like it use to have. Why not make your hair look like it just got a fresh blow out!! Treat your hair with So..? Sorry Not Sorry Tame the Mane hair Mask. Let the enriched green tea extracts and scented pea fragrance leave your hair feeling luscious and silky.

so tame the mane hair mask

 4. Feel silky smooth with So…? Sorry Not Sorry Body Butter, RRP: £7.00

It’s mid July and it’s hot, which means it is time for cute dresses and skirts. Which means our skin has too look smooth and shiny for this week. Revive your skin with the So..? Sorry Not Sorry Butter up Body butter. Let the organ oil deeply nourish your skin and let the vanilla essence leave your skin with a sweet soft scent

so body butter cream

5. Enhance your cheeks with Glow by So…? Glow Palette, RRP: £9.00

You may have not been able to get the greek sunlight glow, however with the Glow by So..? Illuminating highlighting palette you can get close. The illuminating palette is the perfect addition for your final make up touches to make you feel unstoppable for your night ahead.

so glow palette highlighter

6. Finish off your look with Glow by So…?, RRP: £ 6.99

Now for that final touch! All you need now is a Glow by So..? Illumination perfume mist to not only leave you with a shimmering look but to also leave you with a sweet lasting scent for an all nighter.

glow by so blog

7. Don't forget to protect yourself with So...? Pure & Clean Hand Gel (currently free with any purchase) RRP: £2.99

pure hand gel

This bottle will help you to fight and protect your hands against bacteria within seconds, killing 99% of bacteria. , it looks after you while leaving your hands feeling refreshed with a long-lasting gorgeous scent. The bottle is also compact and perfect to take with you on-the-go!

Enjoy your night out and freedom once again while treating yourself to 20% off? USE CODE: "Freedomatlast20" *valid until 31/08/21

Love So...?



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