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17 Sep , 2021


So…? Nostalgic

Take us back to simpler times, with dial up internet and The Spice Girls on the radio! This week we are feeling nostalgic and rewinding the clock to the naughty 90’s and the early 2000’s. There are so many trends that are creeping back into style that scream nostalgia.

so nostalgia baggy jeans

1. Baggy is back Baby!

Say goodbye to tight fitting jeans and say hello (again) to wide-leg and straight leg jeans. As much as we may have loved skinny jeans, I think we can agree that they weren’t always the comfiest. Last years ‘sweatpant-year’ has reinforced the whole comfort is key vibe.

so fragrance overall jeans

2. Overall Everything!

A fab trend from the 90’s (and I think we can also thank Mamma Mia) that has made a reappearance is the overall. Now, they didn’t really go anywhere, but they weren’t exactly the height of style, but that is changing, and the perfect pair of overalls can be dressed up and dressed down

so fragrance nostalgia rainbow scrunchies

3. Scrunchies all day, everyday!

Who remembers the episode of Sex and The City with the scrunchies? Well if you don’t here is a quick recap: Carrie is dating a writer who is writing a book about a New York woman and she wears scrunchies and Carrie points out that a New York woman would never be caught dead in a scrunchies, oh how times have changed.

Now, we can't talk about nostalgia without mentioning the fragrances and scents that we still love to this day and always bring back such wonderful memories. Have you ever put on a perfume and you're instantly transported to a memory associated with that scent? Well, we have made it so easy for you to travel back with our So...? Nostalgic collection.

 so collection

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