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19 Nov , 2020

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I’m sure all you gals know, 2020 has thrown a spanner in the works for dating. We have lockdown cuffing, casper friendly ghosting and dating while wearing masks. Like it wasn’t difficult enough, are we right?! We asked our So…? Babes in the dating game to share your best and worst date night stories. Huns, share this article with your friends so they can take notes - they’ll thank you! 

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@sadiebass with her Miss So...? Perfume Collection as she prepares for her date night!


As we love to dish the dirt, here’s a few of our faves: 

For the one that worked out in the end… 

@zoemayhull 'Went on my first ever date with a guy who was my best friend at the time. Made him sit through the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle FIlm (cringe), and then we went to dinner. He didn’t really talk through the meal so I thought it had gone terribly, turns out he was just super nervous because he liked me and he didn’t want to say the wrong thing. He finally told me and we got together a few days afterwards. We celebrate our 6 year anniversary on Tuesday ❤️’

For the girls girl...

@haannahgx ‘Girls Night out on Valentines, who needs bf’s when you’ve got your gal pals 😉❤️’

Is it cringe to say he was fishing for complements? Haha...

Chloë_higginss ‘Got to go with the worst date story which was with a guy who worked as a fishmonger (I hate fish and told him this) and he spent the entire night talking about how to cut the fish up. 🤢 Couldn’t get out of there faster 😂’

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To having a good time...

@elll.louise ‘My ex once planned for us to go to a spa and it was supposed to be a surprise but he messaged my mum saying he was doing it so I knew all along and when I got there I had to act like I never knew 😂 to this day he still doesn’t know I knew ooops’

For the romantic memories…

@brionyallen_ ‘Went to Brighton for our 2 and a half year anniversary, had a meal and cocktails then sat on an empty beach late at night just listening to the waves 🌊🥺 one of my fave moments ever’

Exhibit ‘A’ of why he’s your ex…

@livvhughes11 'my ex boyfriend left me at a restaurant on valentine’s day to pay the bill mid meal because his mate wanted to go play football with the lads.’

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Share your best and worst date night stories with us #DateNightWithMissSo on the gram & Tag us @SoFragrance for a chance to win! 

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