7 ways to Glow-up Post-Quarantine

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23 Jul , 2020

We’re beginning to see the new normal, that light at the end of the tunnel is becoming clearer. We are having social bubble picnics with our BFF’s that we haven’t seen in months, aside from through a screen! It all feels wonderful, but what about the fact that we haven’t worn a bra for 3 months, have over indulged in netflix and ice cream and certainly haven’t groomed our eyebrows? Our stiletto nails are a thing of the past and although our cuticles are looking nice and fresh, we’re not feeling ourselves without the sass to wave around. 

glow by so

Well fear not, here’s a couple of ways you can start to feel like ‘you’ again, after the lockdown blur: 

1. Hydrate

You don’t need us to tell you all the reasons why you should be getting your H20, you already know. This is just a gentle reminder to get yourself to the kitchen and guzzle down some water! Do it for the pores. 

2. Hair Mask

Isn’t 2020 the time of ‘Me-time’. We’re pretty guilty for over indulging on the So…? Sorry Not Sorry Milk Vibes Bath Milk every other night. Yep! But one thing the So…? Babes have been raving on about for their Glow-up is the So...? Tame the Mane Hair Mask. Our Babes recommend to leave it in for 10-15 minutes, or use it as a substitute for your conditioner for luscious locks! And if you’re a curly girl, try adding a small amount and leaving it in for smooth, bouncy curls.

So Sorry Not Sorry Tame The Mane Hair Mask

3. Take a GYST Day

You’ve got to find your groove again. It’s been a 3 month long holiday for most people. Which way do our bras attach to our body again? So take a minute, adjust and write a list. Yes, a list. They are the saviour of all Get-Your-Sh*t-Together moments (gyst). So take a hot minute to make a plan, a 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 months goal plan of what you want to achieve. Gysting is a form of taking care of your mental health, it can mean doing that cleaning you’ve been putting off for 3 weeks now or sorting through your summer wardrobe - you got this. Set a day aside and GYST it up so you make those deadlines!

4. Have a pamper day! 

Okay, so recommendation follows on from the hair mask. But set aside half a day for the works! 

Shave your legs 

Scrub your body

Face mask (Everyone feels more put together after a face mask, right?)

Moisturise top to toe

Do your hair routine



✅ Groom Brows

✅ Apply Fake Tan

✅ Put on loose cosy PJ’s

✅ Soak in the afterglow of feeling brand new

✅ Feel smug about it

Try our So…? Sorry Not Sorry Pamper Bingo below! 

so sorry not sorry

5. Make a Pinterest Board

Since we have been in sweats for 3 months straight, it’s time to switch up the outfits and pinterest has got you covered! Create a board and manifest the fabulous, then experiment. Fashion is all about interpretation so have fun with it!

6. Hone in new skills

It’s not too late to take up a new hobby! There has been a bit of pressure on everyone to level up during this time, so let us just say that you do you. But if you would like to learn a new skill, now is the time. Try skillshare.com for learning loads of creative new things. 

7. Try out a new scent

Since we’re in summer, it’s time to switch up your scent and to complete your new outfit with the right accessory. We recommend So…? Summer Escapes Bali Breeze to give you that summer feeling and have you feeling refreshed. 

so bali breeze , bali breeze

These are a couple of tips from us, to help you on your merry way to feeling put together, like a boss. 

Let us know what your favourite self-care routine is and tag us on @sofragrance

You got this <3

Love So…?


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