Top Tanning Tips from our So…? Babes

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10 Jun , 2021

Here’s 10 tips from one of our So…? Babes: 

1. Smooth as a Dolphin Baby

It’s basic tanning rules: shave pre-tan. This can be up to 24hrs before to ensure you have those smooth legs. Maybe for-go the moisturiser on this occasion so your skin is ready for tanning application. 

2. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, EXFOLIATE. Do I need to say it again so you in the back can hear? M’kay! EXFOLIATE

We recommend our So…? Sorry Not Sorry Scrubs for this job - we got you! 

Watch our video on how to apply our scrub:

3. Moisturise those Dry Patches Before

You know how ankles get a little dry, pop some moisturiser or vaseline on there before you begin applying the tan. Else they will soak up the pigmentation much easier and be darker than the rest of your skin.

sorry not sorry butter up cream, body cream

4. Match your Skin

Yes, we all want to look like we’ve just spent a year in Thailand, actually we’d all like to spend that year in Thailand. But if you are a fair skinned hun - don’t try extra dark overnight - gradually use a lighter tan to build upon and layer it.

5. Use a Mist on your Face and Go Gently!

Your face is a different ball game all together, so does require a different product. There are quite a few tanning foams and liquids that give certain skin types breakouts, so it depends on what works for you. But try starting with a mist and apply evenly but with not too much product.

6. Get that Loose Clothing on Girl

While your tan is drying, pop on some nice and loose clothes so it doesn’t create patterns or sweat off from your skin. 

7. Use a Tanning Mitt

A mitt will allow even application across the skin and protect those hands from looking like wotsits after the process is complete. 

8. Go Au Naturel

Fake tanning isn’t for everyone. And while we have had some nice weather on furlough - you should enjoy it on the many social distance picnics pencilled in this summer. Try a tanning boosting lotion to soak up the natural rays, but remember the SPF too! 

9. Lock it down... Moisturize

This doesn’t work for everyone, but lock in your tan with moisturiser. Our So…? Babe recommends sleeping overnight with the tan, having a shower in the morning and then using the So..? Sorry Not Sorry Body Lotion for a smooth finish.

hand cream, so feed yo body

10. Be Bougie and try Highlighting and Sculpting

You can try adding more tan to certain areas that need a little more shadow - like to define your leg muscle, stomach muscle, collarbone etc. This will give it more definition and create a sculpted or ‘snatched’ look as they say! You can also try our Glow By So...? Perfume Mists for that extra glow!

So there you have it, a few tricks from the back pocket of one of our huns. It won’t all work for everyone, but let us know how you get on with your tanning experience on Insta! @SoFragrance

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