4 Must Haves in Your Summer Travel Kit!

So...? Fragrance
25 Jul , 2023

Summer is a time for fun, adventure and making memories that last a lifetime. Whether you might be travelling out of the country or planning a local weekend getaway this summer - we have curated this travel kit list to make sure you are well prepared for your summer escapes.

Pair of Sunglasses & a Small Bottle of Sunscreen:

Suncreen and sunglasses - 4 Must Haves in Your Summer Travel Kit! - So...? Fragrance Blog

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of summer is the sun, right? (trick question if you’re in the UK at the moment and been getting rainfall all through July). But we still need our sunglasses and sunscreen to protect ourselves for when the sun finally comes out. 

A Water Bottle:

Water bottle - 4 Must Haves in Your Summer Travel Kit! - So...? Fragrance Blog

We should always stay hydrated especially during the sunny times so you must alway have your bottle of water with you.

Pro tip: Get a 500ml bottle with a wrist strap that is easy to carry around for all your summer adventures.

A Brown Hat:

Lady in a brown hat - 4 Must Haves in Your Summer Travel Kit! - So...? Fragrance Blog

This is actually a fashion statement so we need to pick carefully. Brown hats seem to go with almost anything in a ladies wardrobe and generally do a better job of blocking the sun but face caps can work too - the choice is yours.  

Body Mist/Perfume:

So Summer Escapes Ibiza Dreams - 4 Must Haves in Your Summer Travel Kit! - So...? Fragrance Blog

Starting your days smelling amazing during the summer is guaranteed to get you off to a good start. That’s why you need to have perfume or body mists handy at all times. The SO…? Summer Escapes collection has a wide range of fresh, floral and vanilla body mist scents perfect for you this season. Embrace the summer vibes and enjoy a SO…? Summer discount - buy any 2 200ml body mist for £9 or buy any 2 50ml perfumes and get 1 free.

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