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SO…? Unique Berry Bliss Body Mist


Boost your mood with SO...?Unique Berry Bliss Body Mist 150ml. The scent features a mixture of fruity red berry notes that will have you ready to burst. Before diving into the sweet violet and vanilla scents to complement the depth of flavour. 

Recyclable bottles
Vegan friendly
Not tested
on animals
Scent lasting
up to 6 hours
1000 sprays
per bottle
  • SO...? Unique Berry Bliss Body Mist 150ml
  • Reveals fruity red berry notes with a floral heart
  • Designed for layering - try mixing our other S.O.S unique fragrances to create perfect signature scents that are unique to you. We recommend layering: Berry bliss + fresh zest + Vanilla candy
  • Fragrance notes: raspberry and violet
  • Vegan, Cruelty free
    How to mix & match your So…? Unique scents:
    1. Pick two or more scents
    2. Spritz them on the same patch on your skin
    3. Try different mixes to find the one that is Unique to you!

    We recommend: Berry Bliss + Fresh Zest + Vanilla Candy. The perfect fragrance for date nights! 

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