so loyalty how to use

1 - Click on the SO...? Scents Tab bottom right of your screen

2 - If you already have an account, please sign in - you will be taken to the SO...? Fragrance log in page.

3 - If you are new to SO...? Fragrance then please click Join Now and set up an account.

4 - Once you have set up your account (or have signed in from existing), you are ready to start earning rewards.

* Click 'Ways to earn' to see your options, e.g. follow on twitter or facebook. Carry out any of these actions to earn extra points.
* You will be given 50 points for creating an account which you can use on your next order - highlighted in the top left of the SO...? Scents mini screen.

5 - Order your SO...? Fragrance products as usual.
* If you wish to redeem your points, open up the SO...? Scents mini screen and click
'Ways to redeem' and then the 'Redeem' button to choose how many SO...? Scent point you wish use.
* You can redeem SO...? Scents in block of 20.

6 - Use the slider to determine the amount and click Redeem button

7 - You will be then given a code which you can apply to the checkout or you can copy (by clicking the icon next to the code)
* Loyalty points can not be used in conjunction with any other discount code.

8 - Now check out as usual and you will see your discount applied. If not simply paste into the discount code box.

9 - Your SO...? Scent points will deducted once your order has been placed.

10 - You will receive SO...? Scent points for your recent order which can be used for next time.

11 - If you have any further queries please contact us at


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