SO...? Unique Layering Perfume Giftset C
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SO...? Unique Layering Perfume Giftset C

Recyclable bottles
Vegan friendly
Not tested
on animals
Scent lasting
up to 6 hours

sprays per bottle

Discover Your Scent! The So…? Unique Mini Creation set invites you to create your own signature scent. Create a plethora of unique and custom-made fragrance blends that can be adapted and blended for your every mood, schedule and occasion. This perfume set is ideal for those looking for something unique and exclusive to suit their personal style. Gorgeous notes ranging from the sweet and sultry, to the fresh and floral.

#Discover your scent

How to mix and match your So…? Unique scents: 

  1. Pick two or more scents
  2. Spritz them on the same patch on your skin
  3. Try different mixes to find the one that is unique to you!
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